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In a more and more demanding market, the Reval Serras company ranges searchs to be highlighted by means of an performance that prioritizes the quality and precision in its products and services. The company acts in the segment of manufacture of mountain ranges for cuts wooden bulk, panels, aluminum, plastic, acrylic among others. E, in the Reval Laser subdivision is offered the services of cuts to the laser and fold.

With more than twenty and five years of performance, the company is situated in the city of Caxias of the South, Rio Grande do Sul, and takes care of the markets national and international. Along these years, the Reval Serras searchs to satisfy its customers and the necessities of the market, investing in technological innovations, in the quality of products and services, as well as, the training of its collaborators. 
In constant improvement, currently the company offers to the market buzz saws for wood, aluminum, mountain range-ribbons for wood, that supply moveleiros and lumber customers. Beyond these products, the Reval Serras offers the services of cuts to the laser and fold, being used the better technologies of transformation of the plain steel in the manufacture and industrialization for diverse sectors. 
The Reval Serras has as objective to commercialize products of towering quality in the segments where it acts, for this, the company uses modern technology and effective methods of work, aiming at always to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.


The Reval has as mission to offer to products and services of towering quality in the segment where it acts. Search constant update, investing in modern technology and effective methods of work always to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers


The company aims at to take care of the necessities of its customers, with this she invests in technological innovations always to improve the quality of its products and services. With this, it aims at to strengthen the business with the markets national and international, intention to extend the performance and it keep the competitive potential before the o market.


To value the investment in technologies and the improvement of its collaborators. The company searchs the competence and commitment in all its activities. She prioritizes the constant update, and she emphasizes the effective, necessary and dedicated work in its areas of performance.